Monday, December 30, 2013

Mama's Christmas Present: Monkey Fist Doorstop

Just a half of a red brick from Home Depot and about 20 feet of 3/4" manila rope, which ran about $.67/ft.

Mom had admired a similar decorative piece I did for my wife with smaller stuff wrapped around a block of wood. So I thought something like this would go over well, and it did. My parent's house has wood floors and white walls, and several rooms have palettes that favor this piece. I like this one, but I'm also finding that I am enjoying the look of thick, natural ropes. I've taken the leftover pieces, whipped the ends, and created a couple of decorative knot pieces with which I plan to decorate my office walls. There are 3 pieces: A square knot, a true love knot, and a stopper knot. They're large enough that it makes more sense to mount them directly on the wall, like a picture, rather than on a knot board. Eventually, the wall itself will become the knot board. It will be unique for the companies I normally work for, and provide a nice way to ease into conversation with new people. I'll photograph and update as I go along.