Sunday, May 5, 2013

New Coxcombing Project

L-to-R: French coxcomb, Turk's Head, Ringbolt hitch
I found a 45" x 1/2" dowel around the house, so I pulled out some 1/8" diamondbraid utility cord, reviewed the coxcombing instructions over at, and got to work.

I started with the French (Bannister) Coxcomb and wrapped two revolutions around the dowel - about 4" of length. I slid a turk's head on to transition to the Ringbolt Hitch Coxcomb. This transition was necessary because the French coxcomb is single-strand fancywork, while the Ringbolt Hitch is three-strand fancywork. So, the additional two strands are added and laid under at the turk's head.

I will probably do 10"-12" of the Ringbolt Hitch, do another transition knot, and do the middle section of the dowel in a Full Moku coxcomb, then transition back to Ringbolt Hitches, and finally end it it with another section of French coxcomb for symmetry.

The plan is to hang this on a wall at work as a conversation piece. It looks really cool, much better than the photo. I also have plans for a couple more coxcombing projects, but I may keep those under wraps for the time being.

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