Sunday, May 19, 2013

Alabama Crimson Tide Monkey Fist

A guy I've worked with at two companies over the past 5 years decided to take a new job back in Huntsville, AL. As a parting gift, I fashioned a Monkey Fist in red, white, and gray paracord. I thought I could whip it out in a single night, but it turned into a multi-night marathon of false starts and blind alleys.

Probably because Nick Saban is the devil.

Anyway, I probably gave myself scabies or herpes or something, just from handling this thing. Certainly, I've earned another football season in purgatory after I die, before I make it to heaven.

Two color monkey fist
Two-color Monkey Fist, with a multi-color diamond knot (I think?). Core is a rubber ball.

Top view. Two-color Monkey Fist, diamond knot, 4-strand round  braid, snake knot, turk's head, another 4-strand round braid, another turk's head, ending in a cobra knot finger loop.

Made in America
"Made by the rum-soaked fingers of a middle-aged American man, not the tear-stained fingers of a third-world 9 yr old."

Nick Saban is the devil himself
Four-strand round braid, transitioned to a red/gray Snake knot. Snake knot used in honor of Nick Saban, the serpent

Nick Saban is the devil
Turk's head used as transition to a small Cobra knot finger loop. Cobra knot used in honor of Nick Saban, the serpent

Monkey Fist given at Meg O'Malley's
Good man, despite his rooting for a football team coached by the devil himself. Parting gift given at Meg O'Malley's in Melbourne, which I noticed has Trefoil knot decorations all around the bar (See upper right of photo)

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