Monday, April 29, 2013

The Old Rugged Cross

Working on a Mother's Day present. She's the Irish Catholic mother of four grown men, so her place in heaven is already reserved, right?

Anyway, I did a crucifix in the Celtic Knot style, with a strict over-and-under pattern. I used white nylon rope, and whipped the ends and left them free as you can see in the photo. I've mounted it on a 5" x 7" wood plaque with corner cuts, that I stained with mahogany color.

I was planning to coat with polyurethane clear-coat to protect it, but my wife thinks this is unnecessary; I think she just doesn't want me to spend any money.

What do you think?

Celtic Knot Crucifix
The old rugged cross: Celtic knots from white nylon, with whipped ends

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