Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My first lanyard: Snake Knot in Black

So, I'm a little out of order here, I suppose: I posted about my latest lanyard before I posted about my first lanyard.

I loved the snake knot when I first saw it. I've since learned it looks awesome in two colors, but at the time I only had some black cord and I was eager to try. It came out really nice, a very subdued, understated piece. A few weeks later I learned to do Turk's Heads, so I fashioned one into a ball and slid it over the lanyard to the bottom as an embellishment. Looked pretty friggin' sharp, if I say so myself. Still had that understated feel, too.

So, now that I have a new lanyard in the company colors, I am looking to re-purpose this one. I put my keys on it, but I don't like the idea of having my keys on something that's dangling from my pocket. Just seems like an unnecessary risk as far as pickpockets go, or even just getting it snagged on something.

Plus, I'm not 19 yrs old anymore, so I look like an idiot with lanyards dangling from my pockets.

I've thought about maybe just cutting it down to key fob size, or using it for multiple lanyards for knives of flashlights or such. I suppose I could just offer to give it to someone, though...

Snake knot lanyard
Snake Knot lanyard

Turk's head
Turk's Head added after the fact

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