Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First Knot Board: Complete

Completed my first knot board, but it isn't this knot board. Just ran out of time. I needed to finish this one for my father's 70th birthday, which we celebrated Easter weekend.

Starting from the middle and moving out:
  • A photo of the 19-yr old Seaman Apprentice
  • Framed by 4-Strand Flat Braids, with Carrick Bends dressed into buttons.
  • Two coxcombed dowels capped by Turk's Heads
  • A string of 4 lanyard knots
  • A string of 4 binding knots
  • A flat Turk's Head
  • Four stopper knots
  • Four hitches
  • A prolong knot at twelve o'clock, with the excess wrapped in a coil.
  • Framed by 1/4" dock-line, done in 2 passes to create a beveled look.

19-yr old Seaman Apprentice graces the knot board
The biggest challenge turned out to be all the whipping that needed to be done. Very time-consuming for me. But, I had a lot of fun with this and I have a bunch of ideas to incorporate into my "other" first knot board.

But not right now. I need a break!

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