Monday, April 15, 2013

Cobra Knot Lanyard

So, I have to be the world's worst photographer. But, here it is, in red, black, and gray:

Cobra knot lanyard in red, black, and gray
They don't make 'em much cuter than this one
Took the family to Walt Disney World over the weekend. My wife and kids are into pin trading, so everyone MUST WEAR A LANYARD. Even Dad, who could care less about pin trading, because I have to carry my entrance pass somewhere, right? Because a pocket would never do...


Anyway, I did not have a lanyard with me, but I had my backpack full of paracord supplies, so a quick couple hours in the hotel room the night before and I was good to go. It helped that I used a bit of Captain Morgan's finest anti-inflammatory tonic for my knuckles. Felt like I could just go and go and go...

I used the red and black for a cobra knot because I can eat up a lot of real estate real quick while still looking cool. The gray was the core, except at the bottom where I used it to create a little visual offset where the two strands come together. A stainless steel shackle finished it off in fine fashion.

The colors match the logo colors for the company where I do my day job, so this is now my everyday lanyard. I need to do a post of my old lanyard, my first real usable project, in the near future. Would appreciate any suggestions for re-purposing old lanyards.

I would also appreciate any suggestions for making lanyards with knots that are as flat as possible to permit pins to be attached. Cobra Knots (Solomon Bar) are too thick for pins that use the little metal or rubber backs. Flair buttons work fine with just about anything, but the pin on trading pins is usually too small to go through a knot with multiple layers.

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