Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Inadvertent Dog Collar

Lesson learned: Measure twice, cut once. This started as a bracelet made with a double-core fishtail knot. Needed something easy that I could pick up and put down while visiting a theme park. I can't ride most of the rides due to a neck injury, so when the family is riding I am the designated pack/purse/lanyard mule. To occupy my time, I figured "Why not knot?"

Not having access to my usual tools and rulers I was eyeballing everything, then managed to cut a gouge in my thumb, so I spent most of my time making sure I wasn't bleeding on the cord rather than finishing the project properly.

Looks good standing alone:

Double-core fishtail knot "bracelet"
Not so much, on my wrist:

I should have either shortened the "bracelet" or picked up more dumbbells to get bigger forearms!
Fortunately, one of my knotting companions is a Bichon-Poodle mix, born in Lynchburg, TN, and carrying the obvious name of "Jack Daniels". I'll figure out how to add a D-ring after the fact, and this should fit him perfectly.
I have daughters. THEY dress up the dogs for Halloween!

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