Monday, March 18, 2013

Initial Foray Into Knot Boards

*Interim post: Will update as it progresses*

Getting started: 3/8" nylon braid framing the board, with this Turk's Head dressed and tightened into a ball as a focal point

After seeing a number of brag knot boards online, I have the itch to try one myself. My father just celebrated a milestone birthday, and I want one for my office, so I figured I could do two at once. After going back and forth over materials - do it all myself vs. buy a shadow box - I decided to go DIY as much as possible. I picked up a couple of 2X2 pieces of sanded plywood at HD, and pulled out some Minwax and lacquer and got started on the wood. Here's how it's been going so far:
Mahogany - A nice, rich look, exactly what I was going for
Did not work as well as I'd hoped. Ended up with an uneven gloss. My fault, I just couldn't get my hands to operate in a way that gave a smooth, even finish.
Didn't quite get the glossy shine I wanted, either.
Where it stood at this point. Looks ok in the picture, but I was disappointed.
When in doubt, ask the wife!
Now we're getting somewhere
I like the way the grain pops on this piece
Unbelievably rich look in real life. Like a chocolate bar!

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