Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Celtic Knot Crucifix

Celtic Knot Crucifix
Trial crucifix made of plain cotton clothesline, using a Celtic Knot pattern.

I was feeling kind of bad that I took up knotting as a hobby shortly AFTER my mother and aunt's birthdays this year. I am working on a knot board for my father's 70th birthday, but I don't want the rest of the family comparing this to their lousy presents this year.

So, for my Irish-Catholic mother of 4 grown men (she's already earned her free pass to heaven, y'all!) and her sister, who still points out that she is my only blood-aunt, I thought learning a Celtic Knot and fashioning it into a crucifix might be a good option. I did this one as a trial, and gave it to a coworker who demonstrates more faith that I possess. my plan is to use a nice, white nylon, and mount it to a small wooden plaque that i will stain with minwax in the same tone as the knot board linked to previously.

Celtic Knot Crucifix
So, I thought it was cool. What do you think?

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