Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bracelet day

So, my wife is starting to tabulate how much this hobby is costing the family. I justify it by reminding her I don't play golf, poker, or go out drinking with my buddies anymore. The problem is that it's currently costing me about as much as any of those other things.


But, there is hope: A garage sale is scheduled in our community in a couple weeks, and promises a good deal of foot traffic. So, I figured it would be a good time to test market some items and see if there's any interest in things like bracelets, key fobs, lanyards, maybe a dog leash and collar... So, I spent a couple hours on Sunday knocking these out:

Variety of bracelets, plus one key fob made with leftover cord.

Double-pass turk's head bracelet made with 1/4" poly cord - black , with red/white trim.
Pair of double-pass turk's head bracelet made with 1/4" poly cord - blue, with black/white trim.

Double-pass turk's head bracelet made with 1/4" poly cord - Red, with black/white trim

Pile o' bracelets

"Survival" bracelet - Cobra knot around a double core with a side-release buckle using paracord - Yellow, with green/black trim

Fishtail bracelet made with 1/4" poly cord. I am not a fan, 1/4" was too bulky for this knot when formed into a bracelet.

Monkey Fist keyfob made with leftover yellow/green/black paracord. Core is a small wooden ball purchased at a craft store. Lead is a 4-strand round braid.

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