Saturday, March 23, 2013


A coworker was checking out a Monkey Fist I made for my desk that has a rubber ball core. I use it for "stress-relief".

"Stress-Relief" Monkey Fist. Rubber core, paracord, 4-strand round braid, with a large split ring.
When I first brought it to work, i introduced it to my team as "The Judge" - you know, black & white?

Whatever. I thought it was funny.

Now, I walk down the line of cubicles bouncing it off the flimsy walls like a prison hack bouncing a nightstick off the cell bars, to let everyone know the beatings will continue until morale improves.

So anyway, this guy grew up in Argentina and told me about Boleadoras, a throwing weapon used by gauchos to capture running game.
Bola, Wikipedia Commons
It's use also goes way back to the days of early man, but I think even the casual knot enthusiast can see where a series of Monkey Fists can be braided into a Bola.

Adding this one to my To-Do list.

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