Thursday, March 21, 2013

4-Bight... uh... Turk's Head!

I want to say this is a 4 bight, 3 lead Turk's Head, but to be perfectly honest, I have a hard telling the number of leads just by looking at a Turk's Head. I get that the bights are the number of bends, in this case, it lloks like 4 to me. And the number of Leads is the number of times it crosses, but somehow you don't count every time it crosses?

See what I mean?

Anyway, if someone wants to point me to a great way to tell by looking at a TH what the number of Leads would be, i would really appreciate it. Hopefully, if you post a link in the comments, it won't get caught up waiting for moderation. If it does, well, I promise I will get to it and free it up. Eventually.

Anyway, a little flatter line and this one would make a good coaster, donchathink?

Turk's Head Coaster
4-Bight, 3-Lead (?) Turk's Head

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